Are you fun??

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Are you fun?!
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Welcome to::
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Your MODs:
Katie=kt_luvabean ((mod/maintainer))
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Baby Pictures!

This theme will end on: Sunday, June 19th

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1// Put "Am i 0h s0 fun?" in your lj cut
2// Put "application" in the subject line
3// Only post on your application until you're accepted
4// Post your application within 3 days of joining
5// Don't TyPe LiK3 DiSzSz
6// Be respectful of members & mods
1// vote.. please put yes or no or something like that in the subject line
2// promote.. you can promote here as long as you promote their aswell
3// be active; post randomly (lj cut anything big please)
4// answer themes & contests
5// any ideas cotact a mod

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- There will be a new contest every Wednesday
- Only members can enter
- There will be a different fun theme each time
- You can take the picture yourself, or find it off the internet

- There will be prizes!
- Contact peachy_keen_17 with any questions/suggestions

click the following link to go to this weeks contest:

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Copy & paste from the text box:

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And go to __banners__ for all of our banners
Contact xmarlyx69 if you have any questions or want to share some banners that you've made
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Click on the banner to see our members page, please comment there with your details if you have been accepted here, thanks.

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